5 Powerfully Simple Ways To Rebuild Broken Trust

Trust: firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. How well does trust define your marriage? Try these two very simple assignments to find out. Assignment 1: Rate your SPOUSE on a scale of 1 to 10, on how much you believe they are reliable and honest in your relationship. […]

321 – Renewing Your Marriage License


To get married you had to have a marriage licence. Here’s the thing though… This is the only license that you are never required to renew. You are not required to go to class, spend time and money, or become more informed to grow. On the other hand you have to renew your driver’s license, retake […]

168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think

“There is no lack of time. There is a lack of interest” —Anonymous Can you remember a time in your relationship where making time for your spouse was easy? It was easy to stay on the phone until the early morning hours, doing nothing but talking. “No you hang up first!” Then you’d wake up […]

320 – Change of Scenery


When you move into a new house there are… New bedrooms, new living areas, new bathrooms and other place to explore to enjoy sex. And yet, you may find yourself night after night in the same spot. Your bedroom! What do you do as doing the same thing over and over again, in the exact same way is become […]

3 Reasons You Should Talk Instead of Text

Everyone has some sort of connection with their smartphone. They give you the opportunity to connect on a whole new level with greater speed. Smartphones prevent those return trips to the store, keep the kids a thumb press away, and make the little tasks so much easier. However, we also know, that in times of […]

319 – ESP (Extrasensory Perception)


Having ESP (extrasensory perception) is something that many couples wish they had. The thing is that you don’t and neither does your spouse. At times you may ask yourself… Why doesn’t he/she know that? How many times should I have to tell him/her? He/she should know that by know. The truth is that your spouse […]

How To Forgive In Marriage (when you don’t feel like it)

“A happy marriage is simply the union of two good forgivers” – Ruth Bell Graham Why is repeated forgiveness a crucial element in a happy, strong, and intimate marriage? Because marriage is the union of two imperfect people who can (and do) make mistakes. When you are in relationship with another human being chances are […]

318 – Your Marriage Needs You To Grow Up


Unless you are a teenager it’s time to grow up in your marriage. When you partake in behaviors that are typical of a teenager you are chipping away at the foundation of your marriage. A marriage that does not have transparency in all areas is a marriage with secrets. Those secrets will destroy the best of […]

Do You Want Your Spouse To Make A Change?

We have some tough love for you today when it comes to building a marriage that is extraordinary. Your marriage is YOUR responsibility. Have you considered what role YOU play in your partnership? Although you may sometimes feel like you don’t have much “power” in your marriage, you have a massive amount of influence… IF […]

317 – Texting is NOT Talking


When a “big” or  “important” conversation is being dealt with via texting it is causing more heartache and less connection for married couples around the world. Avoiding the face to face conversation may seem easier and yet, the end result is that more often then not you are more disconnected. You’re questioning your spouse more. You’re more […]