How to Argue Less (in 2 minutes)

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5 Techniques To Reduce Stress And Enjoy Your Spouse

5 Techniques to Reduce Stress and Enjoy Your Spouse

Stress is not only a difficult thing to deal with mentally, but it also has a lot of physical detriments. Poor body image Decreased libido Increased blood pressure Impacts fertility and menstrual cycle Premature ejaculation And more When you let stress take over your life, you won’t have the opportunity to enjoy the many moments you […]

278 – The Secret Value of the Quickie

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The quickie… …can be an amazing sexual experience in your marriage if you know the secret to enjoying it together. In our own marriage, our sex life can be a bit off during the summer months. Different schedules, kids are home, vacations, and just hanging out. This change in seasons can be challenging if you and […]

277 – Drug Of Choice

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When you find yourself spending more and more time or being more and more distracted there is something going on. Maybe society wouldn’t call it a drug of choice. Maybe you even joke about “having a little problem”. The truth is that these choices can take you away from your spouse and pull you out of […]

10 Reasons Why Communicating With Your Spouse Is Important

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Every week emails come into our inbox and the #1 area couples want to improve is their communication. The reason is that when you and your spouse can effectively express yourselves everything else tends to fall into place. When there are communication challenges you can be left feeling isolated, lonely, sad, heartbroken and disheartened with […]

276 – Money In The Bank

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Financial stress is an intimacy killer. Plain and simple. It can keep you up at night and it keeps you worrying during the day. It’s hard to let down your guard when you are worried about paying the bills or having food on the table. The fear keeps you and your spouse from living the life, […]

275 – Communication Doesn’t End With Foreplay

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It starts with the sweet talk. Then it leads to both of you romancing each other all through the day. And then other times you just want a quickie. In all truth there is some form of communication going on between the two of you to get to the point that you are deciding to have […]