292 – It’s Been Too Long Since We’ve Had Sex


When you have said to yourself and/or to your spouse, “It’s been too long since we’ve had sex”, then it’s time to sit down to figure out what is going on. The topic of sexless marriages is one a lot of people shy away from. Most of the time because if it is not talked about then […]

291 – The Married Couples Guide to PMS


Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is not just about the emotional toll it has, but also the physical impact it has on women. There are many symptoms that can be experienced. Some of these are: feeling tired food cravings trouble with memory joint or muscle pain tension, irritability, mood swings or crying spells PMS can create feelings of […]

3 Quick Tips to a Screamfree Discussion in 15 Minutes or Less

Let’s face it… having a long drawn out argument does nothing for the health of your marriage. If anything it pulls you a part and causes more friction. Afterwards you’re both drained from the emotional and mental toll it has on you. We used to have these types of arguments in our marriage. Not only […]

290 – Groundhog Day


Routine… while is seems easy and comforting at first really and truly leads to boredom. Boredom in your marriage leads to looking for other people or things to break that sense of routine. This boredom if not address can lead to emotional affairs, to physical affairs, to erotica and pornography, to excessive spending, to countless […]

289 – Walk Around Naked at Home


This show came out of a conversation we had as Tony walked from the master bathroom into our bedroom… naked. It occurred to us that those couples who walk around naked are couples who are vulnerable and comfortable with each other. We realized through this conversation that walking around naked in our own marriage has taken […]

3 Reasons Why It’s Time to Walk Around Naked (WITH Your Spouse)

There are many wonderful reasons why you should sleep naked. Most couples sleep naked during their romantic wooing phases and then that habit tends to become passé. No matter how old you are or how long you have been married, it is always better to sleep naked. Whether it is allowing your body to cool down or to […]

288 – Discovering Your True Values


People are lost. Marriages are lost. Families are lost. We have become a society, that for the most part, doesn’t plan who or what we stand for. Do you know what your marriage stands for? Every couple and family has their own unique set of characteristics. Whether it’s something that they have sat down and consciously […]

287 – The Impact of Tone and Timing


When you first meet your spouse you were most likely on your best behavior at all times. You would watch out for what you would say and how you would say it. Over time, as you became more familiar with each other that “best behavior started to slide”. You got more comfortable with the fact that your […]