299 – Your Sexual Intimacy During the Holidays


Your to-do list is a mile long as the holidays and the end of the year approaches. You have meetings, parties, shopping, last minute errands, cleaning the house, end of the year reports, travel, kids out of school, and more that need to get done. There is so much to do and yet your sexual intimacy […]

5 Statements That Damage Your Sexual Connection

If you’ve been married for any length of time you know that words can and do have an impact on you, your spouse, and your sexual intimacy. There are certain things you can do, such as, speak encouraging words or initiate sex that will keep the sexual desires alive and burning. On the other end of the spectrum […]

298 – Truly Thankful


The word thankful means, “feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative.” As a married couple you should take time each day, week, and month to share with your spouse how truly thankful you are for them. For how they have had a positive impact in your life. With the end of the year and the holidays upon you […]

God Moments – You Be The Change

Stop waiting for your spouse or the situation you’re currently in to change. It’s time for you to be the change in your marriage. It’s time for you to raise your had and say to yourself and to God that you are ready to be used. “Then I heard the Lord asking, “Whom should I […]

297 – De-Stress the Holidays


Surprise. Christmas is coming AGAIN this year, in fact it comes every year. Can you believe it? —Said with a little sarcasm. However this is often the sentiment that couples experience when the holidays roll around, every December. Here are a few things that happens during this time of year… lots of activities, parties, concerts, […]

Using the Word Divorce Impacts Your Marriage [VIDEO]

Words have the ability to build up and/or tear down your spouse. There is one word that can and will strike fear, self-doubt, anger, withdrawal and other emotions… DIVORCE. When the word divorce is thrown around to get your spouse’s attention, to get a reaction, or to get them in line it’s sending a message […]

296 – Your Marriage Manual


Many items that you purchase come with a manual. Your car, your crockpot, the computer, TV, kid’s toys and even your mascara has instructions. And yet you and your spouse despite all in all of their complexity do not. You marry someone who is completely unique, who has all kinds of quirks, some of which won’t […]

God Moments – Caring for Others When It Seems Inconvenient

“And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’ Matthew 25:40 So often in our day-to-day lives we do not realize when the opportunities arise to help the “least of these”. There are even times […]

295 – The No Rejection Zone


Creating a no rejection zone in your marriage is vital to creating an environment where both you and your spouse trust one another. Rejection is incredibly destructive. It eats away at a person’s sense of worth, it creates doubt, it destroys the foundation of your marriage. For the first 11 years of our marriage rejection […]

The #1 Must Have Item for Your Bedroom and a Few Others You Should Get [VIDEO]

Make your bedroom a space where you can unwind and connect sexually with your spouse. Right now, your bedroom might now be what you expected when you got married. No worries, you can make a change! In this video we go over a number of items that we have had or still have in our […]