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25 Insanely Awesome Back To School Purchases For Busy Parents and Couples

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It’s one of the busiest times of the year – back-to-school craziness. You and your spouse run around like chickens without heads trying to gather all of the school supplies for the upcoming year. In the process, you’re met with pleas from your kids for new things. How do you manage it all? We get […]

282 – Look Up

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Are you living in your own little bubble with your head down, focused only on yourself, your needs, your wants… Any yet your spouse may be there wondering if you even know what’s happening to them, what’s going on at work or at home, or how a recent event has impacted them. You haven’t taken time to […]

281 – Can’t Do Anything Right

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Defeated. Worn out. Frustrated. Any of these and many more emotions can get you to a place where you have told yourself that you can’t do anything right. Nope. Nothing. This is a lie and four words that will bankrupt you and your marriage. Before you say these words to yourself make sure you use the “3 […]

280 – These Will Fan the Flames of Your Sexual Intimacy

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Have you lost the spark, emotional, physical, or sexual, in your marriage? Has the fire you once had burning strong is now a flicker and dimming more and more with every day that passes? If the fire isn’t as hot as you would like it’s time to fan the flames and get it going again. For […]