What Married Couples Need Know About the Silent Treatment [VIDEO]

The silent treatment is… An act of completely ignoring your spouse as a means of expressing contempt or disapproval for what they said or did. In our marriage the silent treatment was common place for many years. It was something that really was in default mode. The silent treatment may come about when you or your […]

309 – Sex Is Not A Duty It’s A Gift


Have you ever said (or at least thought) any of the following in regard to sex in your marriage. It’s one more thing I have to do I’m so tired Don’t you ever get enough What about MY needs I could take it or leave it Sex is one of the biggest perks of being […]

“What Is My Spouse Thinking?” — The 5 Best Approaches To Opening Up Your Partner

Let’s admit it – if there was a program or app to help you understand what your partner is thinking, most of us would buy it. Communication is one of the most sought-after pieces of marriage advice. For now, we’re stuck with the old-fashioned method: the constant balance-beam of reading our partners, addressing our concerns […]

308 – Two Become ONE


Two become one… You may have heard this when you stood before your pastor as you were about to say “I Do”. Since you got married though you feel that the two of you are not united in your marriage. This is showing up in areas ranging from: handling finances dealing with family what’s going on with […]

14 Fun Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Married Couples

Did you know that every year over 50 million roses are given for Valentines Day? If you want your spouse’s gift to feel as unique as THEY are… you may want to consider something other than candy and flowers. Feeling stumped? Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up 14 FUN ways to say “I Love You” this […]

307 – Strength Training Your Marriage Muscles


Strength training your marriage isn’t just about you as an individual. It’s about strength training your marriage so that you and your spouse create a healthy, vibrant and growing marriage. The first 11 years of our marriage. we didn’t do much strength training in our marriage. We read a few devotionals, we had done a few small groups at […]

3 Positive Decisions You Can Make Today That Will Impact Your Marriage

9,986,400 minutes. It’s the total number of minutes we have been husband and wife. That’s a heck of a lot of time to make positive decisions. Over these minutes and years we have made choices and positive decisions that have impacted us and our marriage for the better. One of these came after we went through a low […]

306 – A Good Husband Isn’t So Hard to Find


Husbands… Husbands get a bum rap in media, books, movies, tv–out of touch, unfeeling, sexed up, jerks. And yet your husband your husband is a good husband. You may look at yourself and even say that you are a good husband and one that doesn’t even compare to how the media portrays you. Your’re a […]

81 Unconventional, But Amazing Anniversary Gift Ideas To Celebrate Year By Year

Creative anniversary gift ideas from your 1st to 50th wedding anniversary. There are a lot of anniversary gift lists out there. Many will hit the major milestones with a traditional gift you can give. But we here at ONE Extraordinary Marriage like to think outside the box. 81 Unconventional, But Amazing Anniversary Gift Ideas takes the traditional theme and puts […]

305 – Twice in One Day (Making Love That Is)


Making love to your spouse is one of the most intimate times you two have together. It’s a time when everything else falls away while you bask in each others arms. Now when you make love twice in one day that double the pleasure… Well is it? It sure is because it changes things up […]