How to Argue Less (in 2 minutes)

Learn a simple, easy strategy that will stop escalation in its tracks, spare your marriage of tons
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Top 3 Ways Trust Is Broken In Your Marriage

3 Ways Trust Is Broken In Your Marriage

Isn’t it ironic that it is only called snooping when there is something to hide. Maybe you have been the one to hide something or maybe it was your spouse. When secrets start to creep into the marriage that’s when the accusations of snooping, spying, and going through “my stuff” start to surface. This behavior […]

268 – Why Are You Acting Like This?

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You’ve decided that it’s time. It’s time to change because what’s been happening isn’t what you want to continue doing. You’ve decided to make some changes. Well… …your spouse has just noticed that something is up and is asking, “Why are you acting like this?” You know why and yet it’s a bit difficult to […]

267 – Be Prepared

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Preparation is one of the biggest gifts that you and your spouse can give to each other and your family. And yet it’s hard to think about our own mortality. People often say that it’s the teenagers that think that they are invincible but in reality most of you think you have all the time in the […]

17 Dinners You Can Share On Your Next Date Night

Dinners You Can Share On Your Next Date Night

You’ve gone on many date night dinners. Can you even count the number of times? Or maybe, it’s been a long time and you want to start doing more dinners together. In our experience you are seated across the table from your spouse. You then look over your menu, order your meal and talk about the […]

266 – Take Hope From A Fantasy To A Force In Your Life

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Hope is in short supply in our world. From news reports talking about all of the ugliness to televisions shows that are completed scripted to bring you down. Here at ONE Extraordinary Marriage it has been our goal to bring you hope each and every week. Sharing with you how your marriage can not only survive […]

3 Reasons Why Your Family Needs a Side Income

3 Reasons Why Your Family Needs a Side Income

You may wonder if whether or not a side income would be a great idea financially for you and your family. The answer is almost always yes. But why might you need a side income? Have you felt stuck financially? We sure have. One time… We sat in our one bedroom apartment in Spokane, WA watching the snow flakes […]